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You Will Not Out-Work Me

What are you competing for on your journey?

Competition is a part of life. We grow up competing with siblings and cousins first. Then, with our childhood friends. Next thing we know, we are competing with cross-town rivals or people thousands of miles away. But do you know who is the hardest competitor we will ever face? You're right.... Ourselves! It takes pretty deep realization and self analyzation to internalize, at some point, we are not where we want to be. Once this happens, it is the start to an insane amount of work ethic eventually taking over us. 

So, why "You Will Not Out-Work Me"? It is a motivation deep down within yourself, not necessarily a statement directed to the man or woman next to you, but to you, your biggest competitor. It is easy to take a break due to your busy schedule or because you just don't feel like it today, but each day we settle for this "break", it pushes up behind. I agree sometimes we need a rest day to recover, but we must still push before and after. 

So I say stand tall, take a deep breath, keep your head down & work, and continuously tell everything against you.... YOU WILL NOT OUT-WORK ME!

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